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    Dalla natura la bontà sulla tua tavola
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    Tarallini snack gustosi a tutte le ore!!
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    Frise e friselline, per le vostre serate fra amici e per uno spuntino appetitoso
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    Scopri la linea frollini, una dolcezza che accompagna i tuoi momenti di tenerezza...


Company profile

20 years of goodness

A little reality in the heart of Apulia begins to sprout in 1993 and after 20 years "La Bottega of Antichi Sapori" asserts became a leading brand in the field of bakery products, exclusively focusing  on quality. The quality of our products is the result of the value of the ingredients used and the artisanal production, which preserves the flavor of the products.

Thanks to modern technologies that supports this artisanal production, the company is able to reach the optimal production level with considerable attention to quality, selecting the raw materials, and constantly monitoring the process.We are pleased to offer a wide range of products in line with different consumer tastes: the TARALLO classic is flavored with a selection of spices and ingredients , the FRISELLE and FRISE are produced in wheat and whole grain flours , the FROLLINI have different assortments of taste.The special recipe that we have created gives all our products crispness and fragrance and it ensures our company to be outstanding for genuineness and goodness.







Giuseppe Bari racconta la lavorazione del tarallo a ricette all'italiana su Rete4

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