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We do not know where the word tarallo comes from, so many hypotheses but no certainty. Although of uncertain etymology, tarallo has a history that has its roots in the 1700s.
The tarallo was born, almost by chance, to satisfy the hunger of the people by fighting waste. The bakers, in fact, gave life to the tarallo to not throw away the “scrap” of the dough with which they had just prepared the bread to be baked. To these leftovers of leavened dough they added a little extra virgin olive oil and a little white wine to flavor it, products that are never lacking in the lands of Puglia.
Their skilled hands reduced the dough to two strips that were crossed like a donut and, after rising under a cloth, were baked together with the bread.
Afterwards, to improve the product, the passage in boiling water was added, so as to boil the taralli and make them more shiny and crunchy.
Tarallo is the son of Palese’s prolific creativity: the baker used the remaining bread dough and the people bought a fresh and tasty product at a good price.




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Quality check

The quality of our products is the result of the ingredients used and the artisanal production, to preserve the flavor that has always distinguished our products.Thanks to modern technologies that support this artisanal production we have managed to reach excellent production levels always with considerable attention to quality, selecting the raw materials, and constantly monitoring the processes. We are pleased to offer a wide range of products in line with the tastes of different consumers: in fact the classic TARALLO is flavored with a selection of spices and ingredients; FRISELLE and FRIZE are produced in wheat and wholemeal flours ; shortbread biscuits have different assortments of flavors.The special recipe we have created gives all our products fragrance and crispness and guarantees us to stand out for their genuineness and goodness.


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